Agency 29 Celebrates Award for Fee Brothers’ Product Launch

Rochester, New York (July 3, 2024) – Agency 29 is proud to announce its most recent win from the American Marketing Association (AMA) for the Rochester, NY, region. The agency received First Place for their work on the product launch of Fee Brothers’ Turkish Tobacco Bitters.

The Pinnacle Award recognizes outstanding achievements in marketing and is a testament to the innovative and effective strategies used by Agency 29. The category won—Product Launch—highlights initiatives that introduce a new digital or physical product, new features, add-ons, upgrades, or migrations to the market. This award celebrates the creation of buzz, driving demand, and setting a strong foundation for future sales.

Agency 29 Celebrates Award for Fee Brothers’ Product Launch

Agency 29 sought a multi-channel approach to excite existing audiences and boost awareness amongst new customers. Campaigns targeted three audiences: distributors, hospitality workers, and at-home mixologists. Marketing collateral included Turkish Tobacco sell sheets and recipe cards, and the overall campaign included a social media launch campaign, media outreach, and the distribution of Turkish Tobacco Bitters samples to the brand’s influencer network.

The agency’s approach to launching Fee Brothers’ Turkish Tobacco Bitters was designed to capture attention and create excitement. When developing creative for this product launch campaign, the team endeavored to appeal to classic nostalgia, aligning with mixologists and the Fee Brothers brand.

Agency 29 Celebrates Award for Fee Brothers’ Product Launch

The team at Agency 29 worked diligently to ensure every detail was executed flawlessly. From the initial concept to the final rollout, they aimed to make the Turkish Tobacco Bitters launch both memorable and impactful.

The result was a campaign that not only met but exceeded expectations, leading to increased brand awareness and sales. Fee Brothers sold out its initial run of product within one fiscal quarter. The company had not seen this sales velocity with a new product in recent history or since.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by the AMA with the Pinnacle Award,” said Maureen Ballatori, Founder + CEO of Agency 29. “This achievement reflects our commitment to excellence and our dedication to helping clients succeed. The launch of Fee Brothers’ Turkish Tobacco Bitters was a true team effort, and we are proud of the results we achieved together.”

As Agency 29 celebrates its Pinnacle Award win, it looks forward to continuing its mission of delivering top-notch marketing strategies that drive success for clients. Agency 29 remains committed to innovation, creativity, and excellence in every project it undertakes.

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