Quantifying the value of a logo is a tough sell. In a time when you can get a logo from a discount bin website, budget-conscious business owners don’t understand why they should look anywhere else.

There’s so much more to business than just what you’re selling. And there’s more to your brand than just your logo.

Some business owners go to the online equivalent of a big box store for their logo. They look at the well-stocked shelves and pick something shiny that catches their eye, not realizing that there’s an unlimited supply of the same thing available for other businesses to similarly choose.

Generic logo, generic brand.

Business owners may have a hard time seeing the value in a unique logo design created with strategic planning behind it. But the ones who understand the importance of a strong brand strategy will benefit from laying the proper foundation for their business growth.

A logo designed with a strong brand strategy at its foundation will grow with your business.

When it comes to brand development, the story behind who you are is something that you need to be sharing. You can’t create a logo until you know what colors and styles will resonate with your audience.

Which is why you need to START with your brand strategy before you even think about your logo. Extensive research on customer discovery is the base for your brand strategy. Be clear about who is your customer and what is meaningful to them. From there, you can set goals for reaching that customer and create a brand feel (visually and emotionally) that makes your customer want to love you.

What impact does your business have?

Your customer has countless options for products and services, making it even more difficult to stand out in your market. This is why you, as a business leader, as well as your entire team needs to have a clear understanding of what impact your business makes. It’s the way your receptionist answers the phone. The Director’s commitment to community outreach. And it’s the company’s philosophy on continuing education for employees.

There’s a human behind that business and believe it or not, people what to know who you are. And more importantly, why they should care.  

What you stand for matters to your customer.

If you can clearly outline the impact of your business, it is a simple step forward to the customer who can benefit most. When you can communicate exactly who your client is, you are ready to move forward with a design that also clearly communicates your products, services and the purpose of your business as a whole.

More than that, a well-designed logo will grow as your business grows. Strategic design can contribute to your business and brand legacy.

Your logo is the culmination of what you stand for.

So what do you stand for? What commitment will you make to your brand legacy? By starting with a strong foundation where you create an intentional strategy for growth and align it to a purposeful brand identity, you’re sure to find out. Because you’ll be the one still standing in 20 years.

When it comes to creating a branding strategy, we’re forward-thinkers, design gurus, and overall champions for your vision. Book a call with our Founder, Maureen to talk about the impact you seek to make.