published an article recently from 29 Design Studio Founder + CEO, Maureen Ballatori. The article highlights five principles to drive your strategic and creative work with branding and marketing for economic development.

Ballatori begins by writing, “Did you know that Austin, Texas, has two slogans? There’s the official slogan, “The Live Music Capital of the World.” Then there’s the slogan that has been adopted by residents, small businesses, tourists and the world in general: “Keep Austin Weird.” And that may sum up the challenges of economic development marketing and branding for states, municipalities, counties, cities, towns and villages.”

“Branding is a vital part of economic development. It’s the shorthand that communicates who you are to people both inside and outside your community. When it works, it emotionally resonates with stakeholders by inviting them to see why you are different and why people should invest, work and buy in your community.”

Our team at 29 Design Studio has helped support economic development for multiple clients like Monroe County and Geneva, New York BID. We’ve also helped support regional economic development through branding local development corporations, building communities for entrepreneurs and remote workers, and supporting economic institutions like farmers markets during difficult times. 

29 Design Studio uses a simple framework to create solid brands.

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