published an article from Agency 29 Founder + CEO Maureen Ballatori. The article highlights four of Maureen’s tips to create an artisanal brand and a premium experience for your customer.

“For many Americans, purchase behavior is driven less by what the product is and more by who is doing the selling. Despite attempts by big brands to add “artisanal” to mass-produced labels, true artisanal brands are identified by their authenticity and commitment to quality and care by those seeking to master their craft in celebration of local, ethical, sustainable and meaningful products.”

“Consumers are moving toward goods that don’t exact as high of a toll on the earth and its inhabitants—brands that build diversity, inclusion, equality and other essential and interconnected matters into their work. Consumers are willing to pay a little extra for caringly crafted goods whose makers openly and authentically share their concern for consumers as well as the bottom line.”

Our team at 29 Design Studio has helped support premium artisanal brands for multiple clients like Hudson River Fruit Distributors, Brewery Ardennes, and Leep Foods

We help brands to understand who they are speaking to and how best to share their stories, as well as create an attractive physical presence and navigate the mediums of engagement. For more on creating premium artisanal brands, read the full article at