Brands tell stories. And in our highly visual society, often, the simplest way to distill the essence of a brand is through visual design. published an article on this theory from 29 Design Studio Founder + CEO Maureen Ballatori.

“In business, if you want to make complex ideas simple and understandable, sometimes you need to pull out the whole toolbox. People learn and emotionally connect in different ways. That’s true in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer branding and marketing, as well as product design.” 

“At the heart of the matter, using visuals is one of the most powerful ways humans connect. Since the drawings on cave walls, we have used art to communicate ideas. (We have just gotten a bit more sophisticated with gifs, animation, and 3D.)”

Our team at 29 Design Studio has helped create award-winning visual identities for clients like Geneva Made, Leep Foods, and Hudson River Fruit Distributors.

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