If there ever was a fairy tale that tells the social media story it’s Goldilocks. What’s too little, too much, and what’s just right with how often to post on social media?

Too much and you may dilute your message or exhaust your audience. 

Too little and your audience may forget about you.

How do you find the “just right” cadence for how often you should post to social?

Here’s the thing: consistency is more important than frequency. When it comes to social media, engagement is the goal. This includes post likes and comments, page follows, and shares. Engagement rates are tied to your audience and your industry. 

Not only are you trying to figure out your schedule, but you are also trying to stay one step ahead of each of the network’s algorithms. Because of that, we would suggest posting a minimum of three times a week to make sure that you land in newsfeeds of the people who follow your page, but above that, your frequency depends on your audience.

Being active on the right network is essential.

So how do you know which social platform is right for your business? It depends on where your audience is. A great way to find your audience is to look at your competitors and see where they’re getting the highest engagement percentage. We have tools we can use to get inside information on competitor social media accounts. Your friendly neighborhood social media experts (that’s us!) are only a phone call away. 

One last note of advice for you, Goldilocks – if you can’t post consistently to a network, you probably shouldn’t focus your energy on it. You may want to secure the account in your business’s name so that someone else doesn’t take it, and then make it clear where they can find you.

These tips should help you get started with your social media accounts. When you’re ready to level up, contact us!

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