How to Fuel the Flame for your Growing Brand

You’ve got a terrific product or service that changes lives. Customers are knocking down your door, and you know you need to scale your business to the next level. But something is holding you back…

Unless you’re effectively telling the story of how your product or service is really extraordinary (not just good, but genuinely striking), you may be throwing water on your own spark.

Showstopper brands are built on products and services that disrupt the industry and communicate effectively.

If your offer isn’t catching fire, you may need to give it more oxygen. It’s hard to catch – and keep – a customer’s attention. Especially when you consider the average adult attention span is said to be 8 seconds.

The best way to fan the flames isn’t just to yell louder or your audience will just tune out the noise. When you’re building a fire under your brand, quality must be your goal. Use those coveted 8 seconds to concentrate on delivering the best message and product in your category. Every. Single. Time.

Start with these essentials:

1. Go niche to find brand champions.
When you focus on sending the right message to your well-defined target audience, you’ll find your campaigns more effective. Some marketers believe you need to be marketing to everyone all the time. And that is just not true. Casting a wide net and hoping you get a few bites from a larger sample size will result in you catching less fish. Your business will be rewarded when you know your customer and speak to them authentically.

2. Be a magnet, not a megaphone.
You need (NEED!) to be nurturing your audience all the way through your touchpoints from potential lead to return customer. Shift your thinking into focusing on attracting your audience, not standing atop your soapbox and trying to shout “pick me!” louder than the other guy. If your audience feels taken care of, that attitude of gratitude will kindle brand loyalty.

3. Know your position.
When you do have your audience’s attention, you better know – with absolute certainty – what makes you a smarter choice than your competitor. Once you know it, own it. Share that unique position proudly.

As simple as these three steps are, there are many ways to spark interest in your audience. Not all of those methods will be the best for your organization. In fact, we often see businesses frustrated in their attempts to scale. Many who seek the next level skipped the strategic stage of their growth. Not the business plan and logistics, but the strategic marketing aspect.

Understanding your position in the marketplace, having a clear picture of your ideal customer and honing in on a clear and impactful message will mean the difference between brand loyalty and business growth or eight wasted seconds.

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