New Strategic Planning Service from Agency 29

Rochester, New York (April 25, 2024) — Agency 29 has introduced a unique service offering focused on Strategic Planning in response to client demand. Agency 29 has long recognized that business intelligence, strategic insights, and purposeful creativity are the basis of growth. The new service provides food, beverage, and agriculture clients with assets to realize growth in their businesses and revitalize their revenue stream.

Strategic Planning is a half-day intensive, led by agency Founder Maureen Ballatori in collaboration with key stakeholders from the client’s organization. Together, the group reviews sales channels, profits and loss reports, and past campaign efforts to determine previous successes and future opportunities. 

“Strong brands are built on solid foundations,” Maureen said when asked about the service. “Those require regular review, from research to concept to execution, with analytical measurement and adaptation to ensure it all propels the brand forward.”

Clients come away from the Strategic Planning session having established:

  • Key business priorities for the next 12 months
  • Financial goals for the upcoming year, 
  • Overarching marketing strategies and tactics,
  • Defined key performance indicators, and a
  • Quarterly roadmap.

All outcomes are aligned with the business goals to contribute to moving the organization forward. With the workshop aspect of the session, out deliverables are completed in real time.

Agency 29 is now opening up Strategic Planning sessions to wider audiences as a one-off service. Historically, the service was only offered to agency clients on retainer. “The sessions have been very popular so far, and our clients love the perspective they come away with, confident in their marketing and business direction for the next year and more. We’re excited to make it available to more companies!”

Those interested in Strategic Planning sessions are encouraged to reach out directly to Maureen via email ( for a complimentary consultation.