Rochester, New York (June 26, 2023) – The award-winning creative agency based in Upstate New York continues to grow with the addition of two new employees. Both Michela Hanlon and Ellie Aliperti have come on board to assist the agency in account management, serving businesses in the food, beverage, and agriculture industries.

“Culture is incredibly important to us, and as we’re growing our team, we’re looking for that perfect mix of experience and personality,” said Maureen Ballatori, Founder + CEO of the 29 Design Studio. “It comes down to good people working with good people. Both employees and clients relentlessly pursuing great work together. Ellie and Michela are good people.”

Michela Hanlon joins the team as an Account Manager, liaising with clients such as Fee Brothers, Sweet Pea Plant-Based Kitchen, and Crazy Daisies. She’s a natural fit for the agency. Michela grew up in a farming family and received her Masters’ in Marketing Communications Leadership from Nazareth College. Very much a people person, Michela is looking forward to creating connections with food, beverage, and agriculture marketing clients.

“29 Design Studio instantly stood out to me based on their values and the work the team delivers,” Michela said. “Even before joining the team, I saw their passion and ambition. I knew I wanted to be a part of a team that fosters that kind of support and success, which is exactly what 29 does.”

Ellie Aliperti has moved from Intern to a term role of Project Manager with the agency. She also comes from an agricultural and hospitality background, having grown up steeped in viticulture at Billsboro Winery. Ellie is driven to help customers create memorable experiences, whether in a tasting room or a business relationship.  Ellie is a recent graduate of Ithaca College with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a management concentration. 

“I love the team and the collaboration the agency fosters,” Aliperti said. “I’ve had the opportunity to work on a diverse portfolio of projects at 29 Design Studio, and it has really challenged my way of thinking.”

The brand building creative agency has undergone significant growth within the last year, including expanding the team and moving to new premises in Rochester and Geneva. Their work has not gone unnoticed, having received accolades at the Pinnacle Awards, Communicator Awards, and Hermes Awards within the last six months. For more information on 29 Design Studio and to meet the whole team, visit