Low Facebook engagement? In this edition of 29×29, learn about boosting posts on Facebook and why it’s important for creating a buzz on your page (and attracting new fans).

Facebook really is a pay to play platform. You need to put some ad dollars behind your posts to make sure that you land in newsfeeds of people who follow you. This is especially true when you’re a startup or your page has been idle for a while. 

When you need to do a deeper dive or you’re trying to reach a new audience, you can use Facebook ads manager to select the ideal demographics and target those consumers directly.

Facebook has an extraordinary ability to target your boosted posts to people based on their demographics, likes, and behavior. Here are some ways to target:

  • Demographics: age, gender, and education
  • Location: town, city, state, and mile-radius
  • Connections: people who follow you or not
  • Interests
  • Consumer Behavior

Want some help with boosting your posts on Facebook? We’d love to help you build a social media strategy that drives your business forward.