Many of our friends and clients are suddenly transitioning to a remote workplace. Our team has been remote-first for years, so we took some time to break down some of our favorite communication tools. And with #COVID19 forcing many companies to transition to remote workplaces before they had time to plan, we hope this helps some small businesses start off on the right foot. 

Basecamp is a project management software we use to keep everyone on the same page about expectations, deliverables, and deadlines.

  • Basecamp 3 can handle tasks, files, and messages.
  • Great for keeping remote teams and clients connected on all facets of a project.
  • Infinitely scalable. You pay one price for an unlimited number of projects.

Slack is a quick conversation tool, it’s like texting for business.

  • Even better than your usual text messages with your colleagues that have a tendency to get lost among other messages.
  • Keep communication organized into channels.
  • We recommend client channels and team channels so you can separate office fun and client chatter.

Airtable is like Google Sheets on steroids. You can create preset forms to capture a designated amount of information that can then be categorized by topic and view.

  • You know those pivot tables you could never figure out in Excel? Airtable does it for you!
  • Multiple view displays from a single data source means all users can see what they need to see.

If you need some help with scaling your newly remote company, the friendly faces at 29 would love to help. Drop us a line!