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COVID-19 “Open Together” Campaign

As seasonal Farmers Markets opened in the spring of 2020, they knew vendors and marker-goers alike would have a lot of questions about the “new normal.” That’s why Agency 29 developed this campaign for the Farmers Market Federation of New York to share with markets across the state.

“Open Together” reinforced the idea that it takes teamwork to make farmer’s markets a safe place for everyone in the community. If consumers, vendors, farmers, and management all worked together to create a safe experience by following safety protocols, they could continue serving the public through our Farmers Markets.

We crafted a simple website that served as a location for market managers to download multiple suites of assets. From digital social media graphics to vendor signage and larger market-wide signage, we consulted with the NY Farmers Market Federation on the needs most market managers would face. Keeping the audience in mind, this suite is bilingual to serve both English and Spanish-speaking shoppers and vendors.


Our work for the Farmers Market Federation of New York State won first place for Best Company-Funded Public Relations Campaign in the Best of National Agri-marketing Association Awards.