Digging down into the heart of your brand

No one knows your business better than you do. You know the whens, whys, and wherefores that guided every step as you developed your business idea. Your blood, sweat, and tears fertilized the foundations as your business grew. 

In the first phase of our working relationship, we focus on digging into the heart of your brand and business. As the subject matter expert, we look to you to lead us with your brand’s mission, vision, and values.

After we meet and talk with you, we step away to research and measure. During the Discovery process, we perform audits on the facets of our engagement. We’re looking to see how your perspective on the brand aligns with the audience’s perception of the brand. We review the tactics and the campaigns that have come before us to determine actionable steps and recommendations for the best path forward.

Marketing is effective when brands communicate with content that interests their audience in a voice they can easily understand. After all, being a remarkable brand isn’t about how special YOU think your business is. It’s about how remarkable your customers and clients think you are.



Build your brand on a strategic foundation

Our strategic plans are more than just loose ideas. They are the most vital foundation that supports every facet of your brand’s journey. 

Brand strategies are essential to understanding your competitors, customers, and industry climate. 

  • We use real-time feedback, industry research, and analytic data to learn more about your target audiences. 
  • We review aspirational brands to identify and adopt some of their best practices. 
  • We work with you to identify direct competitors and active threats to your market share and sales to differentiate your brand.

By immersing ourselves in your industry, we can shine a light on strategic opportunities for your brand. We use tools such as SWOT analyses to define market positioning and identify points of differentiation that will support our client’s trajectory toward an increased market share and revenue growth.

From there, we build a brand positioning statement and set up a brand ladder that defines your brand’s functional and emotional benefits. These solid foundational blocks become your brand strategy, informing all visual brand development and marketing strategies to come.

Our Strategy work typically includes a custom mix of the following (depending on your needs):

  • Strategic Positioning
  • Brand Ladder
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Marketing Roadmap


Brand Identity

Strengthen your brand identity with differentiating creative

A purpose-driven and well-executed brand identity can attract more of the customers you’re trying to reach, acting as a magnet rather than a megaphone. We have extensive experience developing brand identities that align with your vision and resonate with your target market. Your brand identity does much more than just tell your clients and customers what you do. It tells them how your brand can impact their life.

During this phase, we first start with high-level theming to align on a visual direction. Through a series of rounds, we’ll bring visual concepts to the table that uniquely fit your brand’s strategy. With something as subjective as design, our goal throughout this process is to keep things objectively rooted in what your audience will respond to. Focusing on more than just the logo, we’ll explore typefaces, color palettes, photography direction, and illustration styles as elements to support your logo.

To put a bow on the branding process, we document the essential elements of your brand identity in a Brand Guide. Brand Guides will include rules around using your logo and supporting visual elements, as well as your brand’s values, voice, and positioning. This allows our team, your team, and any future partners you work with to keep your brand looking and sounding cohesive and consistent across all marketing channels.

During this phase, we may offer high-level direction and collaboration with other partners you work with like copywriters, photographers, videographers, illustrators, and more.


Production & Management

Meet your audience where they are

The days of focusing on a select few marketing options are long gone. We work with a diverse range of businesses, creating branded collateral, social media campaigns, email marketing, digital content, and physical goods that don’t just tell the story – they tell the right story. These tactics might be one-time projects or recurring marketing efforts that repeat over time:

  • Creative Marketing Campaigns
  • Marketing Communications Collateral (pitch decks, sell sheets, design templates, etc)
  • Packaging Engineering and Design
  • Website Design and Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing Design, Development and Deployment
  • Content Development (Blogs)
  • Brand Merchandise Design

For recurring marketing projects like campaigns, social media management, and more, we use a “Plan, Implement, Analyze, Repeat” cycle to ensure your marketing efforts align are working and evolving. Growth rarely happens overnight: continuous, consistent steps are vital to meeting goals and objectives like engagement (clicks), traffic, conversions, and sales. Businesses need a robust foundational marketing plan with a mix of tactics. By maintaining multiple marketing channels, your brand reaps benefits like:

  • Cross-pollinating efforts across channels
  • Diversifying marketing risk across baskets
  • Gathering more comprehensive data
  • Adapting and pivoting quicker based on changing marketing trends

Ready to level up your brand?

Leveling up your brand can be wonderful and exciting with the benefit of a collaborative partner to make molehills out of the mountains on your journey. 

More than just beautiful design, we start with your business objectives and ensure that whatever the solution is, it’s rooted in strategy and solves your biggest challenges.

They never fail to exceed our expectations.

Agency 29 has become an extension of our marketing team. The capabilities of Maureen and her team go well beyond design. We count on their help for brand and marketing strategy, and they never fail to exceed our expectations.

Dan Wise, Founder & CEO, RealEats Meals

Immediate results

12 days into our launch CHOP has had 45 families complete the online referral that is a huge number for us. Thanks in large part to our marketing strategy. Thank you!

Dave Manley, Board Chair, PMD Foundation Natural History Study Campaign

Needed to reimagine our organization

You were a tremendous resource for UWTC when we needed to reimagine our organization internally and reintroduce ourselves to our local communities. You were also generous and kind. Thank you.

James A. Brown, President & CEO, United Way of Tompkins County