Bridging the Upstate-Downstate Food Network Divide

We are very excited to see the launch of the Bridging the Upstate-Downstate Food Network Divide Initiative in the Mohawk Valley and Queens.

Upstate NY food producers are often looking for ways to crack the code on getting their products into the downstate market. This is exactly the kind of initiative that helps support our NY farmers.
Well done, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County and Queens Chamber of Commerce!

The Agriculture Power 50

The Agriculture Power 50 is out and we’re so excited to cheer for our clients on this list, Colleen Klein, Cynthia Haskins and Dan Rao!

This is the first time City & State has put together an agriculture-focused list, researched and written by Kay Dervishi with assistance from Jasmine Sheena and Jonathan Lentz.

A thousand congratulations to all of the notable leaders on this list. Thank you for trailblazing for NY ag!

What we're up to at 29

Colleen’s living that cheer and gymnastics mom life for her girls, Charlotte & Avery. 

Franca’s kicking up her feet and recovering from a crazy wedding season.

Pilar’s back from Utah Shakespeare Festival where she was warm, cozy, and comfy wearing a cute mask while watching Richard III.

Alice is learning how to drywall at her new house.

Mary’s attempting to learn how to cook without burning down the house.

Maureen’s still reeling from winning the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from RPCN.

Courtney’s getting ready to come back from maternity leave!

Kathy’s annoying addiction (family consensus) to The Voice is back with a new season.

Strategy, Design & Rebrand for Established Floral Designer

When an opportunity came for Alexandra Abuza to start a new cut flower farm and garden design business in Upstate New York, she contacted 29 Design Studio for branding, marketing and strategy support.

29 dove into her business’s customers, competitors, and business climate and used a SWOT analysis to identify her strategic positioning. Our team also developed a social media strategy to help her confidently and effectively write, post, and communicate on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Focusing on her values and differentiators, our creative department worked collaboratively with Alex to create a logo to serve as the foundation of her business. The outcome? A brand poised to grow in its new environment.

Rochester Commissary Collaborations

Rochester Commissary image

Shelf-Made: Getting your products ready for distribution & on the shelves of a grocery store.

On September 21st at The Commissary in Rochester, NY, our Founder + CEO Maureen Ballatori joined Ithaca Hummus COO Frank Cavallaro to talk about what it takes to get products ready for retail shelves: branding, shelf life, supply chain, and pitching products to name a few. If you’re interested in the recording you can view it on youtube.

Rochester Commissary Entrepreneur in Residence

The Rochester Commissary Kitchen is run by the Rochester Downtown Development Corporation (RDDC). RDDC leaders just announced that Maureen Ballatori and Frank Cavallaro will both serve as Entrepreneurs in Residence for Commissary members for the month of October.

Cider Week New York starts Saturday!

Have you ever tried Orange Wine?

Has demand for Hard Seltzer fizzled?

108 U-Pick Upstate apple orchards to kick off fall fun!

The New Rules of Dining Out

Core Values Party Chicken

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