The Quick and The Clever

This month, we’re starting conversations about how even smaller aspects of packaging can make a difference with your audience, discussing grate partnerships (it’s a cheese reference, get it!?), and taking time to celebrate our big wins.

What’s in a Label?

Take a look at the packaging for your favorite new beverage. Is there a row of check marks, leaves, arrows, and other brand logos? These curious symbols are beverage certifications referencing the brand’s claims. Whether you’re thinking of getting certified yourself or have just wondered how legit these icons are, we’ve got the down-and-dirty details on the blog. 


Vegan Cheese (Yes, Please!)

The 29 Design Studio team is in it for the cheese. Imagine our glee when we began to work with the emerging vegan cheese brand, Panacheeza! We created packaging with a modern twist on a classic Italian aesthetic, the perfect pairing for a company with traditional roots and a non-traditional product.

29 Design Studio Stays Golden at the Hermes Creative Awards

We’re GOLDEN, and it feels so good! We are honored to be recognized once again at this year’s Hermes Creative Awards for two of our noteworthy projects. This international contest includes submissions from over 125 countries! If you hear shouting from the rooftops, that’s us.

Waste not, want not.

Keeping it cool at the market.

Dreading GA4? It’s almost sunset.

Our intern is a geek.

Tips for building your food brand!

Core Values Party Chicken

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