We eat with our eyes just as much as our stomachs, but food that looks good might not always BE good for you. This month we’re talking about genuinely good food and industry trends. And what’s better than taking a closer look at our habits?

Speaking of the New Year… Stay tuned for our next issue! Lots happening at 29HQ next month!

Helping Food Accessibility Game Changers in Colorado

By now you should know how much we love helping our community, and if we can do it by working with those who make food more accessible – we’re even more thankful to be able to help. Genuine Foods reached out to us for strategic research, market analysis, and messaging strategy to help them bring fresh, high-quality, culturally relevant food service programs at refreshingly competitive prices to the Aurora, Colorado market. We are so proud that our work with the Genuine Foods team helped 400 families get access to 3,200 meals! 

And it’s not just us recognizing their hard work, they were also named to Inc. magazine’s 2022 Best in Business list in the Food Insecurity category.

Digging Into This Season’s Shopping Trends.

Even though we weren’t first in line to purchase a new Xbox or Call of Duty on Black Friday, we still love any stats we can get our hands on about customer spending trends. If you love a good chart as much as we do, feast your eyes on these numbers covering trends from preferred shipping methods to conversion rates.

How Processed Are The Foods We’re Eating?

We all know we should spend more time and money in the produce section of the grocery store, but sometimes it’s hard when the new Josh Allen cereal is tempting our Bills Mafia loyalty. That said, maybe 2023 is the year we spend more time reading labels and avoiding the trends that are telling us over half the foods we encounter in the store are ultra processed.

This company is using AI to “be a hero” to our Bees!

Not your average scratch-n-sniff stickers.

Hellman’s wants you to make your holiday eggnog….with mayo.

Looking for wrapping paper with an edge? We got you.

Core Values Party Chicken

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