An Agritourism Destination Evolution

Crazy Daisies Flowers and Garden Cafe is a family-run agritourism business. The team at Crazy Daisies watched their business evolve from a simple greenhouse to a 360-degree garden experience.

They approached Agency 29 to ensure their brand communications supported that evolution. But note the word evolution. Crazy Daisies came to us with an existing hand-drawn logo and a strong sense of who they were.

Our challenge was not only to evolve their visual brand identity to attract their diverse clientele but to stay true to the foundations of the brand’s creation.

Inspiration From Maureen

We just passed 1,000 downloads of the Spilled Salt Podcast! I’ve found a few ways to keep the conversation interesting. 

  1. I interrupt when I feel like listeners may need more information on something the guest is talking about.
  2. I’m an audio listener so if you listen closely, you’ll often hear me say “mmhmm” as people are talking – sometimes I mute my mic while the guest is talking so I don’t disturb the flow but that does mean it’s harder to interrupt (see #1) when I need to.
  3. Transcriptions are imperfect! Sometimes we need to go back to the guest to clarify what they said.
  4. I always pre-plan some questions and generally follow a similar flow but I find that a great conversation happens when I immerse myself in the conversation and just ask what comes to mind.

Industry News

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Rebrand Fails

We’ve all seen those brands that think a new look will change everything. But really that ‘refreshed’ logo is just a bandaid for a failure to connect with their audience. Tropicana lost $20M in sales over a new look that customers called ugly and stupid. Back in 2010, Gap introduced a new logo that lasted a whole week. And don’t get us started on X – are we tweeting or xeeting? Just like bangs or frosted tips, before you make a big change in your look, check in with a friend. (We’re here for you.)

Grow NY
Eggs In Baskets

This month, and not for the first time, Facebook, Instagram, and Threads crashed. And for many brands, this meant their sole platform for audience communication was MIA. But the pain doesn’t stop there. Plenty of folks were prompted to update their password amid the ruckus – but this didn’t stick with Meta tech and now they’re struggling to access their accounts. Lesson learned here: don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Do you have alternate methods to share your message with your audience?


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