Telling Great Stories Through Social Media

Picture this: You’ve just polished off a good book. So good you couldn’t stop reading. That’s what we want our social media marketing to feel like: a compelling tale unified by strong plot lines. Entertaining, educational, informative – and not at all a doom scroll. Users are getting wise to the algorithms, and the really smart ones are hacking their feeds to serve them content that moves them.

So let’s ask this: if your brand’s social media was a book, would it be a page-turner?

Authentic, Approachable, Real: Growing the Visit Finger Lakes Social Media Presence Through Storytelling

Everyone loves a great story, and the Finger Lakes region has a bookful. In our work with Visit Finger Lakes, we set out to grow their social media presence and attract visitors by showcasing the region’s authentic experiences surrounding world-class wine, food, culture, and outdoor adventures. The results were a channel with a unique voice and content that algorithms reward.


Grow-NY Competition Applications Open

If you’re a food or agriculture startup, it’s time to get going on your application for Grow-NY! Innovative, high-growth food and agriculture startups from across the globe are invited to apply to Grow-NY’s pitch competition for a chance to win up to $1 million. 

Promote Opportunity, Innovation, and Storytelling: Lessons for the NY Farm Bureau

Adapt. Advance. Achieve. Our own Maureen Ballatori encourages business owners to stay open to opportunities in consumer packaged goods, agriculture technology, and agritourism. Look for innovative ways to propel your business forward and tell your brand story.

“What’s old will always be new again”

They missed their chance to name it “Peepsi”

Sign us up to cuddle a goat!

These chicks are coming soon to NY agriculture

Ranch-flavored ice cream? No comment.

Core Values Party Chicken

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