Wrapping Up Spilled Salt

That’s a wrap on season 2 of Spilled Salt! From a 12th a generation farm to a Flying Winemaker, Maureen and her guests look back on their entrepreneurial journeys. All six episodes are now live on our website and wherever you listen and subscribe to podcasts. 

Today’s Consumers Want Value-Aligned Products

Discovering what makes a brand stand out goes beyond the visual. Creating messages that resonate with your audience can help a brand strategically shape what consumers think and feel about it and influence the perceived value. This article explores the layers of brand messaging, emphasizing how incorporating social impact can differentiate your brand and leave a lasting impression on consumers.

Inspiration From Maureen

I recently shared my Strategic Planning Strategy on LinkedIn. It’s a two-parter with the first being a day off-site with my leadership team and the second being a personal retreat. We come away from the whole process with a plan for the new year and quarterly goals that ladder up to the annual plan. 

Need help getting clear on 2024? We’re now offering Annual Strategic Planning as a service to our clients! If you’re interested, just reply to this email and I’ll reach out to talk goals.

Industry News

Grow NY
The Future is Data-Driven For Ny Vineyards

The New York Wine & Grape Foundation is not only an advocate for grape growers and vineyards, it’s investing in data to inform planting, investment, research, and marketing decisions. We’re partnering with them to deliver a comprehensive statewide survey, gathering data in 2024 and 2025 to ensure an accurate and consistent record of acreage and grape varietals grown throughout New York State.

Grow NY
Trending for 2024

Google has taken artificial intelligence to the next level with its generative and multimedia model. Gemini responds to prompts whether they’re submitted in text, images, audio, video, or programming code – or a combination of all of these.


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