2023, what gives? 

We sowed seeds last quarter that saw us growing into the new year. While the earth outside is dormant, we’re sprouting up with a new office and additions to the team. So if you’re eating your greens, taking on resolutions, or going through your own phase of growth, know we’re right there with you.

New Year, New People, New Digs!

We’ve sprouted new growth here at 29 Design Studio, and we’re excited to welcome Art Director Olivia Wendt and Creative Copywriter Regan Wagner into the office. We’ve also put down roots in some new spaces. The Rochester, NY and Geneva, NY offices have changed locations, with Rochester pivoting to downtown Railroad Street, and Geneva moving into offices near Cornell AgriTech.


Transforming a Colorado Food Desert

Food deserts run rampant in big cities, as it’s not always easy to find fresh produce in a metropolitan area. Enter urban farming, a growing solution to this problem. In downtown Denver, Colorado, the introduction of urban farm Huerta Urbana saw an increase in foot traffic by 400 percent, and the pounds of produce distributed went up by 500 percent.

New Scholarships Encourage Innovation Within Food and Bev Industry

Aspiring Food and Bev entrepreneurs, listen up! Cornell AgriTech and the Cornell Tech Farm are collaborating to offer a new scholarship opportunity called Food Spark. Participants will receive a Food Product Development Certificate after 10 weeks of online training.
Interested? Apply here.

All things pickled are in.

These craft bevs make Dry January easy.

Better butter boards aren’t made of wood.

Meet rosé’s hot cousin, orange wine.
You’re so trendy, you probably already know this.

Core Values Party Chicken

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