I don’t know what your moment was. The moment when you knew the coronavirus was really serious. For me it was this video of Italians on lockdown sharing what they wish they’d done sooner. Staying home is the best thing we can all do right now to flatten the curve. 

We’re a remote-first agency, so our team has been utilizing virtual software for years. But that’s not the case for all of our clients and business friends in our community. If you need help shifting your team to work remotely, need some advice on how to best communicate COVID-19 updates to your customers, or just need an ear to listen, I’m here. Call my cell anytime: 315-730-4045. 

With love and freshly washed hands, 

The Best Communication Tools for Remote Work

We put our chatter on Slack. We organize it into team channels and client channels to keep our silly and serious topics separate.

We document to-do lists and track goals in Basecamp.

We don’t go a day without jumping on Zoom multiple times for face to face conversations.

We send our appreciation to clients and friends with Greetabl.

Some of our favorite local examples:

Fruition Seeds shows us what you can plant NOW.

Scratch Bakeshop gives out a free cookie with every donation.

Genesee Dance Theater is beginning virtual pilates, yoga and barre classes.

FLX Provisions is giving away a roll of toilet paper with every 4-pack!


A library of COVID-related emails for inspiration

A timeline of big brand responses

This simple graphic.

We’d love to help you stay afloat. Whether it’s forming a long term strategy or showing you how to post an instagram story, we’re here!