February can be a cold, cold month. But from our POV, things look bright! Our client Winter in Canandaigua takes a fresh outlook on a cool season, the agritourism industry future is promising future, and we’re cheering on a colorful food trend.

Canandaigua: The Winter Capital of the Finger Lakes

Winter in Canandaigua is magical. And we’re not the only ones who believe that! Canandaigua’s year-round campaign to promote winter includes a Finger Lakes Winter Carnival—a three-day celebration with opportunities to shop, sip, and taste your way through the region. We worked with Winter in Canandaigua to shape and bring the wintery vision to life, developing two websites, promotional materials, and a visual brand that sparkles like freshly fallen snow.

Marketing for Farmers with Maureen Finger Lakes

Agritourism, Farmers Markets, and Farm Experiences, Oh My! If you’re a farmer or know a farmer looking to implement marketing, look no further! 29 Design Studio founder Maureen Ballatori will be leading a two hour session with Cornell Cooperative Extension on February 23 detailing a 4-step process to determine and execute your goals: Plan, Implement, Analyze and Repeat. You’ll gain marketing knowledge and perfect your process to promote agritourism and other unique experiences you may have to offer.


Tickled Pink: Meet the Colorful Flavors Rising in Popularity in the Food World

Between pink drinks, pink sauce, and veggies turned pickled and pink, this rosy color is on the rise in the food world. Researchers say pink evokes feelings of fun and optimism that allow for some “delicious escapism.” Will you add it to your plate?

Online Cornell Workshops Promote Growth of Agritourism

The COVID-19 pandemic expanded opportunities for agritourism, where farms and other agricultural destinations became popular stops for tourists and locals. In order to support farmers, equine farm owners, U-Pick operators and other Agribusiness interested in growing their agritourism Cornell CCE Agritourism Program Work Team has organized a free monthly online workshop series.

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