She’s Back for Round Three

You can’t keep a good entrepreneur down. They take their down days and keep on tickin’. Maureen’s back with more thrills and spills from the worlds of food, beverage, and agriculture. This season features big hitters like Mark Samuel of IWON Organics, Kyle Peters of Jack Link’s Protein Snacks, Kaari Stannard of Yes! Apples, and more. The first three episodes of season three are available NOW wherever you subscribe to podcasts. 

Inspiration From Maureen

It’s one thing to leave a stage feeling good. It’s a completely other level to get concrete feedback from the audience. 

I used Talkadot’s Speaker Feedback tool after a recent workshop. Incorporating it into my talk was so easy and quick for the attendees and I got this AMAZING information to leverage for future talks. 

Plus, I got oodles of testimonials that tell me that people got tons of value from my workshop. (Even the free tier is really robust.)

10/10 recommend!

Industry News

Boldy Together 2024 Vineyard Survey New York Wine and Grape
Grape Growers Unite!

The New York Wine & Grape Foundation (NYWGF) has officially launched its survey, gathering acreage data around grapes grown in New York State. Data collected will provide benchmarks to compare winegrowing regions within New York State and key domestic and international winegrowing regions.

We’re very happy to be working with NYWGF on this important work. If you’re a grape grower in New York, please participate in the survey to shape the future of vineyards in our state. Your input matters!

Grow NY
Magic Moments

It used to be a picture was worth a thousand words, but AI is simplifying things. It’s getting even easier to create product graphics thanks to Shopify’s ‘Magic’ AI image editor. Once it rolls out this spring, it will also be able to suggest backgrounds and styles to match your existing product images. That said, be aware that Meta may call you out for your faux photos if you don’t disclose them.


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