The Quick and The Clever

In a world mystified and fascinated by AI developments, we’re laced up and running full speed ahead. How will AI impact the future of food, bev, and agriculture industries?

Time after time, we find that the brands that cross the finish line to success are led by a few clever humans and a dream to make a change. Apple decided to Think Different. John Deere created the first autonomous tractor. Could either of those ideas have been realized without a collaborative relationship between humans and AI? The question persists: how will AI continue to alter our future?

While we ponder how AI will change our future, let’s zoom in on some stories with a lot of heart:  women-focused sports nutrition, how to talk to buyers face-to-face, and redefining the pool noodle.

Fueling A Female-Focused Nutrition Startup

In their studies at Cornell University, Levelle founders Stephanie and Linda discovered that women’s bodies don’t react well to the energy gels available on the market.

This inspired them to create Levelle: a bold sports nutrition brand with scientific formulations that focus specifically on women’s physiology.

We began, as we always do, with discovery to ensure a cohesive brand and visual identity. From there, we created a tradeshow booth, swag, packaging, and social media management. 

We feel certain that their steady pace and powerful cause will put them in first place (in the sports nutrition market, and their customers’ hearts!). 


These AI Benefits May Change the Food Manufacturing Industry For Good

Artificial Intelligence might seem complicated, but in the food, beverage, and agriculture industries, AI can simply refer to machinery and technology that carries out tasks previously performed by humans. “Industry 4.0” is another word for recent AI innovations: technology that benefits manufacturers by identifying consumer trends, assisting with supply chain management, optimizing food sourcing, and more.

Disrupting the Snack Industry, One Startup at a Time

Launching a new business isn’t easy, especially in a crowded market place. In the snack industry only a small fraction of consumer packaged goods disrupt the industry and find success. Some tips? Talk to buyers face-to-face, maintain quality with your manufacturer, and be memorable to the customer.

AI, go make me a sandwich.

Have your cake and print it, too.

Spring is coming. Use your noodle.

But what if it’s crunchy?


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