The Work Before The Work

Before the “real” work begins, smart businesses identify the path they’ll take forward. Agency 29 has long recognized that business intelligence, strategic insights, and purposeful creativity are the basis of growth. 

In response to client demand, Agency 29 has developed a new service, Strategic Planning. This half-day intensive is led by agency Founder Maureen Ballatori in collaboration with key stakeholders from the client’s organization. Together, the group reviews sales channels, profits and loss reports, and past campaign efforts to determine previous successes and future opportunities.

Inspiration From Maureen

If you follow me on LinkedIn, you probably know that I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately. Sometimes I attend to speak and other times to listen, but I’m always looking to engage with potential clients and collaborators. Here are my top three tips for making the most out of any event:

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of pre-networking. Most large conferences have an event app. Use it to reach out to people doing interesting work. PLEASE don’t just blast everyone on the app – we can tell when you do that!
  2. Nail your elevator pitch and pay attention to what follow-up questions people ask so you can refine the pitch for next time. I know I’ve hooked someone when their eyebrows go up and I get an authentic “Oh! That’s interesting…” Then they proceed to tell me about their business.
  3. Follow up after the event. Think of your pre- and post-work like bookends. They bolster the big stuff (the event itself!) and they’re essential to make the whole thing worthwhile. If you’re not sending follow-up emails after an event… Start now.

Industry News

Farm Tech For A Rainy Day

In many parts of the northern hemisphere, farmers are preparing fields for sowing and putting the first seeds of the year in the ground. But with another wacky weather year predicted, the work is just beginning. Today’s technology is essential for helping farmers adapt to weather woes with climate-smart tools.

Grow NY
Ladies First

NiQ’s BASES, formerly Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience, is actually using brainwaves to determine positive sentiment among women for health-related messaging. The article notes that women are often still the gatekeeper of the household, doing the majority of the purchasing for the family, “making them a key demographic with which brands should build a relationship”.


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