Spring is for sprouting but November is for seed funding and the Grow-NY competition. We’re excited to have helped craft a winning pitch for the fourth year running. When not cheering pitches on, we’ve been doing some growing of our own with new teammates and exciting changes planned for 2023…

The Streak Continues!

We are so excited to announce that for the fourth year in a row our team has helped our clients in the Grow-NY Food and Agriculture competition win big! Congratulations to the team at Sweet Pea Plant-Based Kitchen for their tremendous win, and to the team at Norwhey Brewing for nailing their presentation.

How Retailers Are Using Data to Predict Buyer Behavior

If there’s one thing we’ll remember from 2020-2022, it’s the empty shelves at the grocery store. Whether it’s toilet paper or baby formula, everyone’s been affected by pantry loading and retailers are using statistics to predict buyer behavior and avoid customer fears.

No Surprises Here! Explore 2023’s Hottest Food Trends

As consumers continue to care more and more about convenience, they are actively following the “better-for-you” trends of the past year. Health, sustainability, and variety are also high on the list of essential factors as consumers consider their choices.

Love fall beers? Here’s a list of some of the best (and yes, Genny’s on there!)

new tool to find a perfectly ripe avocado. 

The perfect candle for the pickle lover in your life.

Can you guess what variety won the 2022 World Cheese Awards?

Core Values Party Chicken

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