Watching the Olympics has us reminiscing about our glory days. We have a collegiate swimmer, competitive Irish dancer, big-time softball player, and a high school cheerleader on our team (can you guess who did which?). We may be watching the Olympics from our armchairs, but we’ve had our days in the arena, striving valiantly.

Whether it’s winning a medal or building a brand, we know things can look easier than they really are. So today let’s celebrate those putting in the hours to hone their craft – we know it’s hard work.

The In-cider Information on

NY Cider Week ’22

After not being able to celebrate in 2020, the New York Cider Association organized a hybrid schedule of spring and fall events across the WHOLE state to celebrate one of NY’s favorite carbonated beverages.

Our team supported the fall Cider Week NY event, from October 2 to 17, 2021. The goal was to build event awareness, increase engagement, and drive attendance – and you’d be hard-pressed to beat the numbers we saw!

The Super Bowl nicely highlights two of our favorite things: appetizers + advertising. But this year we saw some major brands skipping out on the pricey ad spots in favor of social media activations. Takis tapped TikTok star Charli D’Amelio to use their spicy chips in her game day nachos. The 15-second selfie-style video earned a whopping 9 million views and 36 thousand comments, proving a Hollywood studio isn’t required to get brand engagement.

New to influencer marketing? 

How do you make a recurring event feel new and fresh, while also nodding to its rich history? Enter: this year’s Winter Olympics branding. With a significant meaning behind every design detail, the pictograms, posters, and even the torch all gel together as a unified design suite.

Our event branding motto? Know your audience, and stay consistent!

2022 is flaming hot.

Nutty Bars are now an ice cream flavor? Sign us up!

Need a spa day this weekend? Kick it off with an Oscar Meyer face mask.

Ever wondered how DaVinci would paint your portrait?

An updated brand for M&M‘s that reflects an effort to be more inclusive.

Core Values Party Chicken

Proudly created and sent from Upstate New York.

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