Chicken illustration by Elise Gravel


What does your branding say about your business?

Business isn’t just business. Business is about emotion.

Not just mine and not just yours, but the people close to us. It’s also about the feelings of your customers and the people close to them. This applies to ALL businesses.

We’re in business because we love working with brands to create identities.

Real estate agents help their clients find the home of their dreams where they can raise their families while feeling safe and secure. Hardware store owners help customers get the tools they need to finish a job and create a sense of accomplishment. Career coaches help clients feel worthy and deserving of a career they love and make that career a reality.

Your branding is the first building block to positioning your company in a way that speaks to your clients and customers. Your brand identity does so much more than just tell your clients and customers what you do. It tells them how you can change their life…


Most people either love or love to hate Gary Vaynerchuk. No matter which side of the fence you fall on, if you’re looking to start a business, this article on How to Start is pure gold. And if you’re already a business owner looking to grow, there are lots of great reminders in here for you too (like why it’s ok if your YouTube video views are still below 50).

We just love efficiency. Right now, this particular variety of efficiency is only available for Dropbox business accounts, but it’s the cloud solution you never knew you needed.

It’s Dropbox’s new Smart Sync feature and it saved us 40GB of hard drive without deleting any files. 😱


Photo by Annelies Geneyn on Unsplash


🎉 Did you hear? We had some work chosen for the New York State of Design exhibition in Troy, NY! Read more about it in the media release: Finger Lakes Design Agency Chosen for New York State of Design Exhibition