Five Years of Client Wins at Grow-NY

We’re proud to share that, for the fifth year running, one of our clients took home prize money from the Grow-NY food and ag pitch competition. Clean Label Solution’s proprietary technology improves protein and fat digestibility and reduces CO2 emissions and energy consumption in the production of soy-based animal feeds for livestock such as dairy cattle, poultry, deer, and fish farms.

Spilling the Salt on Our Second Season

Maureen is back with Season 2 of Spilled Salt, a podcast on the thrills and spills from the food, beverage, and agriculture industries. Episode 1 with Sam Alcaine, Associate Professor of Dairy Fermentation at Cornell University and co-Founder of Norwhey Brewing, and episode 2 with Alicia Lamb of Oakfield Corners Dairy are now available on our website and wherever you subscribe to podcasts.

Inspiration From Maureen

“The competition was fierce at last week’s Grow-NY pitch competition and a brand’s presence on stage is more than half the battle. I always tell our clients that calm confidence is the goal. In any pitch, I find that if you can exude a calm confidence, you exude trustworthiness. And that speaks volumes.”

Industry News

Grow NY
Shaping How We See Color

Millions of designers around the world rely on Pantone for color correctness and definition. From living room walls to product packaging, the annual color is infamous for its impact on consumer wallets. While Pantone won’t be announcing the 2024 color of the year for another week, you can…

Grow NY
Trending for 2024

Humanity and values are more important than ever, according to Mintel’s Global Consumer Trends report. Folks are looking for silver linings, strong relationships, and eco-friendly brands (we’re all looking for a little more positivity in our lives!).


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