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Addressing Food Security with High-Value, Low-Cost Meal Options

Genuine Foods was founded in 2015 to bring a radical, nationwide change to how food service operates, especially in communities where poverty, obesity, and health issues are prevalent. Genuine Foods focuses on providing scratch-made, wholesome, culturally relevant meals created with fresh, vibrant, and seasonal ingredients. 

The Challenge

Genuine Foods collaborates with community partners to deliver fresh, high-quality, culturally relevant food service programs at refreshingly competitive prices. Genuine Foods sought to enter the Aurora, Colorado market, collaborating with Partnership for Healthier America to bring the ‘Good Food For All’ program to low-income families. 

The ‘Good Food For All’ program would bring vegetable-forward meal kits to the families of school-age children with a scalable strategy replicable in other cities across America. As a new entrant to the city’s meal kit market and hampered by pandemic precautions, Genuine Foods wanted a clear plan that made all stakeholders happy before boots hit the ground.

The Results




Meal kits given away



How We Did It

Agency 29 provided thorough strategic research and market analysis to map out foundational messaging and promotional tactics to support the launch.

  • Market Analysis – to identify the target audience(s), competitors, partners, and economy to build the foundation for the go-to-market strategy. 
  • Messaging Strategy – to establish consistencies in verbal communications as well as in the development of digital and/or print applications of subsequent marketing elements.
  • Launch Strategy – to provide actionable recommendations and tactics, including sales strategies or promotions, strategic partnerships, and top-level marketing opportunities to support the launch.