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Keeping things fresh at a 4th Generation Farm

Hudson River Fruit Distributors is more than a family farm – they grow, pack, and distribute East Coast apples across the globe. Our work with “HRFD” over the years has spanned from branding to shelf-ready packaging to marketing collateral.

Who doesn’t love things in miniature versions? Hudson River Fruit Distributors developed mini versions of familiar apple varieties like Honeycrisp, Gala, Pink Lady, Empire, Red Delicious, Fuji, and McIntosh, and engaged our team to develop product logos, retail packaging, and brand guidelines to bring the new SKUs to shelf. Packaged in a durable branded bag, we added a timeline of the farm’s 4 generations and a beautiful aerial photo of the farm.

We provided the Hudson River Fruit Distributors team with a suite of marketing materials to support their sales efforts. The outer “booklet” tells the story of the four generations while also touching on the size and capabilities of their large-scale operations. We then created sell sheets that could be individually tucked into the booklet depending on the sales conversation.

Who We Are Hudson River Fruit Distributors booklet and story.
Marketing sell sheet suite.


Our work on the Hudson River Fruit Distributors marketing collateral won a 2022 Gold Hermes award.