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Powering the next plant-based milk

When we met Lattini founders Nick Romano and Jared Lynch, we immediately connected with their unbridled enthusiasm for and experience in building a powerful brand. With just a few months until the launch of their sunflower milk, we jumped in to help them position the brand, launch at a massive tradeshow, sell on an e-commerce website, and promote on social media.

As all good projects begin, we started with extensive research and a brand strategy. During this phase, we dug into industry trends, customer research, and key competitors to determine Lattini’s position in the market. Once we could root all design decisions in strategy, we set to work building out the visual identity and tone of voice, using Lattini’s logo and packaging as a jumping-off point. A direct-to-consumer Shopify website was designed, and we art-directed an initial suite of product photos with Smillie Photo.

Lattini planned to launch their suite of sunflower milks at the Specialty Food Association Summer Fancy Food Show. With budget, implementation, and timeline in mind, we designed and sourced all graphics, props, and environmental details for their 10 foot booth. Details like free giveaway stickers, business cards, and a custom cooler magnet helped created a polished look.

Lattini Sunflower Milk tradeshow booth

In our continued relationship with Lattini, we manage their social media channels. Custom art, photography and reels are created each month to bring the brand to life. Before embarking on the creation of posts, we conducted a full social media strategy, determining strategic content pillars and determining brand-specific and trending hashtags.

Lattini Sunflower Milk social media grid