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Fueling a Female-Focused Nutrition Startup

Levelle Nutrition founders Linda Alvarez and Stephanie Schrauth are some of our favorite types of people: ones who see a problem and create a genius product to fill a gap. While studying endurance athletes, Linda and Stephanie found that women’s sports nutrition was significantly understudied. They developed Levelle Nutrition, a brand founded on the idea that women’s bodies require food formulated with their physiology in mind. We partnered with this Latina-owned brand to give them the tools needed for a successful brand launch, and they’re running strong!

Before digging into Levelle’s marketing, we conducted a thorough brand audit to identify areas in Levelle’s digital presence that could use a boost. To ground ourselves in the mindset of Levelle’s target audience, we developed a brand ladder to identify key user benefits, and cemented a positioning statement to serve as a foundation for the work to come.

With a beautiful logo already in use, our job was to flesh out the rest of the brand around it for Levelle’s first tradeshow: the Boston Run Show.

We created and executed a fully branded tradeshow booth for Levelle, keeping transportability and reuse in mind. The booth contains large branded walls, a central sampling table, and a layout that encourages tradeshow visitors to enter and take photos in front of a backdrop. Additionally, we built out a suite of every tradeshow attendee’s favorite: SWAG! We created budget-friendly merchandise that brings the brand’s attitude to life and speaks to Levelle’s target audience in just the right voice. Since the Boston Run Show, the booth has traveled around the country to many tradeshows and athletic events.

To launch their first two products, we crafted product labels for two SKUs of energy purees: “Yes We Cran” and “Strawberry Jams.” We landed on a sticker design to allow the packaging to be nimble while Levelle refines the final package shape. Using color and branded elements, our goal was to create a label that would be informational, energetic, and not overly “girly.” We landed on a visual system that will be flexible as Levelle adds new flavors to their assortment.

In our continued relationship with Levelle, we manage their social media channels. Custom art, photography and reels are created each month to bring the brand to life.

Allowing us to achieve milestones in a more impactful and efficient way.

It has been an incredible experience working with Agency 29 to build our brand. Something we truly appreciate is that every aspect of the marketing work is taken through the lenses of strategy and goal setting, allowing us to achieve milestones in a more impactful and efficient way. As a Latina and women-owned startup, it is empowering to work with a woman-owned marketing firm to continue to amplify the messages of diversity and inclusion within the food and sports nutrition spaces. Dr. Linda Alvarez, CEO & Co-Founder, Levelle Nutrition