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Exploring the Flavors of the Finger Lakes with New York Kitchen

New York Kitchen is building relationships and sharing stories to create a sense of community that extends throughout New York State and beyond. Based on the shores of Canandaigua Lake in the Finger Lakes region, the destination is home to a tasting room, educational theater, and hands-on kitchen.

Agency 29 works as a collaborative marketing partner to the organization, providing expertise and tactical assistance to New York Kitchen. Currently one of the best kept secrets in the Finger Lakes, we aim to share the invaluable contributions of New York Kitchen loud and proud throughout the Northeast.

The Challenge: 

From disadvantaged youth who attend the Junior Chef classes to farmers coming to ‘Meat and Greet’ to corporate coworkers who come to team build – the folks who participate in New York Kitchen programming rave about the experience. Alas, for many the relationship begins in wonderment. They didn’t know this amazing facility existed in their own backyard. 

As a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, New York Kitchen relies on participant fees, donations, and government funding to operate. The organization often depends on grant funding to achieve marketing initiatives. 

There is also a terrific opportunity for New York Kitchen to reach an audience beyond the Finger Lakes and even past state boundaries. It is an ideal destination for events and a wonderful place for tourists to get a ‘taste’ of New York, whether that’s through cooking classes focused on New York foodstuffs, tasting classes with New York beverages, or simply a leisurely afternoon on the Tasting Room’s terrace.

How we did it: 

Agency 29 created a true multichannel strategy to reach New York Kitchen’s audience where they are. From merchandise, promoting New York Kitchen and creating word of mouth, to paid social media strategies targeting tourist audiences to a refreshed website providing a landing place for all things New York Kitchen, all with a marketing roadmap to define the way forward.

The marketing roadmap incorporated a strategic marketing plan and calendar to directly support New York Kitchen’s vision, goals and priorities. The plan outlined tactics and themes for 12 months across multiple marketing channels. 

Both the existing content and historic analytics provided a strategic reference for the design and development of a refreshed website for New York Kitchen. Agency 29 incorporated the user’s journey, creating their preferred experience and ideal integrations to design and develop the site. 

In addition, Agency 29 further expanded the New York Kitchen brand to create a modern and sleek yet edgy, fun and exciting design.

We also tapped into the brand’s joy and sense of fun for new merch for New York Kitchen. From stickers to sweatshirts, Agency 29 created must-have gear for every food and beverage enthusiast.

Agency 29 also worked with New York Kitchen to support sponsorship efforts. We researched and reviewed the organization’s past efforts and benchmarked these against similar sponsorship programs. With data in hand, Agency 29 designed a sponsorship deck that is effective whether personally presented or electronically distributed to promote, attract and secure mutually beneficial and collaborative partnerships and relationships. 

What matters gets measured: we continue to work with New York Kitchen to provide both annual and quarterly analytics and insights. Within these working sessions, we review analytic performance from all marketing channels, key business priorities, and financial goals to determine overarching marketing strategies and tactics.

About the Client: 

New York Kitchen is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and thriving communities by leveraging the stories of agriculture, food, and craft beverages to inspire creative exploration of the incredible bounty of New York State.

Working with Agency 29 has been a blast.

Our website is integral to the success of our business but needed an overhaul. A29 took the time to listen to our needs and to solve our paint points with a beautiful and (most importantly) fully functional website. And they did it all with a smile. Maiah Johnson Dunn, Beverage Education Manager, New York Kitchen