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Plant-Based Cheese With An Old-World Aesthetic

Frustrated with a lack of plant-based options in the Italian cheese space, Panacheeza founder Janessa Steenberg created a plant-based Parmesan-style cheese for herself. She used inherited knowledge of Italian flavors from her Maltese Italian upbringing and years of research from being a plant-based eater to craft the perfect Parmesan-style cheese for those seeking a better alternative. With a delicious and innovative product, Panacheeza was ready for some branding to go with it.

Panacheeza plant-based cheeze bottle and a serving of pasta

Agency 29 was engaged to create the Panacheeza brand from the ground up. The objective: to build a brand and package design that fits in the premium “real” cheese space, not necessarily a brand that fits exclusively in the plant-based space. Panacheeza hopes to convert “real” cheese eaters with a plant-based cheese that suits everyone.

Through research and the creation of a brand strategy, we discovered that current plant-based cheeses in the market are mainly characterized by two looks: either a natural look made from soft colors and organic textures, or a silly, irreverent look made up of wonky typefaces and hand-drawn illustrations.

But at a premium price point with clean, nutrient-packed ingredients and a taste that’s almost identical to “real” parmesan cheese, Panacheeza needed to feel at home in Nonna’s fridge. We looked to classic Italian cheese labels for inspiration, leaning into vibrant reds, gilded details, and vintage-looking stamps. We chose a sophisticated red, gold, and cream color palette, and used tone-on-tone illustrations of the Italian countryside to add depth to the design. We added hints of fun and personality to the label by creating a series of different “stamps” that communicated product features or usage ideas, sprinkling some usage of the Italian language to help this product feel authentic. Working carefully within FDA guidelines, we collaborated with and advised on label claims and copy.

Panacheeza plant-based cheese packaging and graphic lockup

The final Panacheeza brand and label feels premium and toes the line between authentic old-school Italian, and fresh, plant-based fun. As Panacheeza is currently finishing up its first production run, we are sure this packaging and the supporting brand will help it get on retailer shelves, and more importantly into the refrigerators of pasta lovers of all ages and diets. 

After completing the branding and labeling project, we helped Panacheeza launch a simple Squarespace site that’s mobile-optimized and easy to update. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership as Panacheeza grows. Salut!

Panacheeza plant-based cheese website on a laptop


Agency 29 was awarded Gold in packaging design for CPG brands from the Hermes Creative Awards for our work on the Panacheeza brand and product labeling.