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Empowering a Cannabis Brand to Destigmatize a Community

Based in Syracuse, this young lifestyle brand is on a mission to destigmatize cannabis use. The Higher Calling, or THC, provides lifestyle clothing for spiritual cultivators, focusing on wellness and enlightenment, and reducing the stigma around cannabis. THC seeks to empower the underserved communities most impacted by the war on drugs toward a fair and equitable cannabis industry through community outreach events.

As a relatively new brand participating in two challenging markets, cannabis and lifestyle clothing, THC needed to approach its sales and marketing strategically. Their website was live and they’d already attended many events but sought amplification of these efforts.

Our team worked with THC to audit their brand, analyzing data points to determine actionable insights, make strategic recommendations, and explore opportunities for improvement.

We also mapped out a sales roadmap for the coming year to help drive consistent product sales leading to revenue growth, while positioning THC as an authority within New York State. 

Our creative team then worked with THC to create a visual identity for their public initiative, Stop the Stigma. Through rallies, their presence at events, and charitable sponsorships, Stop the Stigma aims to do just that: to destigmatize the use of cannabis. With a neutral color palette that’s both street-smart and organic, and modern sans serif typography, we crafted a look and feel for this initiative that’s both approachable and polished. Even more important, THC needed a suite of logos that would be modular and easy to manipulate on merch, signage, etc.  – we achieved this through the use of a badge-like style.

Stop the Stigma graphic logos in multiple formats
Stop the Stigma sweatshirt

About the Client: 

The Higher Calling (THC) is a lifestyle brand based on a mission to break drug, race, and community stigmas around cannabis through clothing. THC designs motivational clothing for spiritual cultivators who recognize style as a form of self-expression. THC seeks to inspire growth, both mentally and spiritually, while promoting the economic empowerment of the underserved communities most impacted by the war on drugs, working toward an equitable cannabis industry.